Jack Hogan

Developer - Entrepreneur - Leader

Purdue CS, AI & Math '26

About Me

Me standing on a beach at Turks and Caicos.

Hi! I'm Jack. I'm a sophomore at Purdue studying for a double major in Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence with a minor in Mathematics. I have a wide range of interests from programming to exercising, the outdoors, reading, skiing, exploration, and much more!

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Projects & Positions

Me presenting in front of new Purdue Orbital members.

Purdue Orbital Avionics Design Lead

Purdue Orbital is a space team working to create a rocket launch system with the eventual goal of being the first independent college organization to put a satellite in space.

Using my knowledge of distributed systems and aeronautics, I lead a team working to create a fault-tolerant and compact system to activate various rocketry systems while collecting data for assorted launch missions.

Me running a Rust workshop for prospective SIGAPP members and helping a student.

Purdue SIGAPP Backend Devleopment Lead

Purdue SIGAPP is a team that works to create full-stack mobile applications using a variety of technologies.

I lead the backend development team working to create a complex microservice-based architecture using Rust and Leptos to communicate with an app using React Native. I also run workshops to teach people new technologies we use in the club.

The mostly-assembled sign.

Purdue Hackers Sign

Purdue Hackers is a club where people come together to hang out and make cool projects.

I'm working on a one meter tall RGB LED-based sign of our logo that links to an app for easy control with a custom circuit board and housing. We're in the final phases of production, connecting the controller to the internet and sealing up the enclosure.

Peraton's logo.

Software Intern at Peraton

I led the expansion of ServiceNow's new Artificial Intelligence module using JavaScript and Document Intelligence including custom input, parsing, and customer interfaces.

I also developed and presented a whitepaper on the systems and processes developed while managing daily meetings with my fellow interns.

The 3D coaster in CAD.

Theme Park Engineering & Design at Purdue 3D-Printed Coaster

TPED at Purdue is an organization dedicated to theme parks & the engineering behind them.

I'm on the Electronics subteam for the 3D coaster project where I'm working on an implementation plan for a complex system that will involve custom PCBs and software to drive a physical roller coaster control system.

A screenshot of the CodeCheck repository.


CodeCheck is a piece of in-development software for a research project to try to detect plagiarism and algorithmic complexity in submitted assignments.

I'm coordinating research efforts on Abstract Syntax Trees combined with Graph Attention Networks and other machine learning techniques to find an optimal solution for parsing and acting upon the code we ingest.

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